We rely on the dedication of talented engineers who are willing to give their time and effort to design and produce custom adaptive devices. Here is the initial team of five undergraduate students from Northeastern University.  Not pictured:  project advisor Professor Andrew Gouldstone.


To facilitate the volunteer engineers and align them with people in need, Andrew Waite, Danny Walsh, and Professor Andrew Gouldstone advise the design and implementation projects, communicate between customers and volunteers, and manage this website.  Professor Gouldstone aligns and advises new teams of undergraduate mechanical engineering students from Northeastern on new projects related to Occusthetics' mission.


On the top right is Andrew Waite, Brendan McGetrick (curator of the Global Grad Show), and Professor Gouldstone in Dubai. On the bottom right is Andrew Waite, Danny Walsh, and Professor Gouldstone.


These pictures are from the Global Grad Show 2016 in Dubai, part of the Dubai Design Week in October 2016.  We presented The Farm Arm product, the Occusthetics project, and Northeastern's Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, part of the College of Engineering.