Occupation enabling adaptive devices


We are a network of individuals donating their time and resources to help people with disabilities better carry out the tasks of their occupation & livelihood.


Get a device

Do you have a disability that is impeding your ability to do certain tasks at your job? We'd love to hear about what you do and what task is giving you trouble. Click here to fill out a quick survey so we work towards designing and creating a device for you.

Design a device

Do you have some design chops and a heart that wants to serve people? Reach out here to start a conversation about volunteering your skills to directly impact real people's lives and enable them to better perform the tasks associated with their occupations.

Partner with us

Every device we design and deliver is at zero cost to the person benefiting from the device. This is made possible through partnerships with makers and individuals. Help enable people do their job. Partner with us to make more devices and help more people.

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What started as an undergraduate engineering project is now a network of engineers & fabricators who volunteer to design, produce & install assistive devices to improve or enable disabled individual’s abilities to complete specific, work-related tasks.

We rely on fantastic engineers to donate their time and talents to make these devices a reality. One example of a project we designed is an adapter to help unilateral, transradial upper extremity amputees confidently operate agricultural tractors. Another example project is an adapter to enable unilateral, transradial upper extremity amputees to safely operate a BCS walk behind tractor.



Global Grad Show

Dubai Design Week - Dubai, UAE - October 2016

Global Grad Show is an exhibition of groundbreaking works from the world’s leading design schools, held each year as part of Dubai Design Week. Since launching in 2015, the show has grown to become the world’s largest student gathering, and for its 2017 edition will present over 200 graduate projects grouped under the themes of Connect, Empower and Sustain.



Northeastern University - Boston, MA - April 2015

RISE is Northeastern University's nexus for accelerating innovation. Over 2,000 industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and technology enthusiasts from diverse sectors engage more than 400 of Northeastern’s solution-focused innovations.


Northeast Bioengineering Conference

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Troy, NY - April 2015

The 41rd Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC) brought more than 400 students and faculty to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for a conference consisting of over 200 presentations.


AgrAbility National Conference

AgrAbility - Rochester, NY - April 2015

The AgrAbility National Training Workshop (NTW) is the foremost educational event addressing issues related to disability in agriculture. The mission of the NTW is to empower professionals and consumers to fulfill AgrAbility's main priority areas of education, networking, assistance, and marketing.






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